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The World Outside, album kedua dari band post-screamo Arizona, Eyes Set To Kill.


1. Heights
2. Hourglass
3. Deadly Weapons
4. Interlude
5. The World Outside
6. March Of The Dead
7. Wake Me Up
8. The Hollow Pt. 1
9. The Hollow
10. Risen
11. Her Eyes Hold The Apocalypse
12. Come Home
myspace: List:
1. Blood On My Hands
2. Empty With You
3. Born To Quit
4. Kissing You Goodbye
5. Sold My Soul
6. Watered Down
7. On The Cross
8. Come Undone
9. Meant To Die
10. The Best Of Me
11. Men Are All The Same

Klik to Download 11 mp3  The Used – Artwork

myspace: 1 Track
1. Istanbul To Athens
2. The Best Part Of Writing A Song Is To Named It
3. Majesty’s Secret Service (Acoustic Version)

ALBM 2 Track:
1. Delorean Case
2. Fall of Fashion Designer
3. Majesty’s Secret Service
4. Eggman’s Art of Sleeping AwakeDownload Something About Lola – Menlove Avenue EPalbum 2

Klik to Download mp3 Something About Lola – Red Town EP album 1


Download EP dari Sweet As Revenge !
Birth Of Expectations

Klik to Download Sweet As Revenge Birth Of Expectations E.Pfull album

Download album Killing Me InsideA Fresh Start For Something New FREE

Tracklist :

1. Prelude
2. Come’on Girl We’ll Burn Money on Vegas!
3. Let it Go
4. Diary of Past Away
5. Blessed by The Flower of Envy
6. Awake
7. Black and White
8. A Letter of Memories
9. Don’t Look Back
10. Forever
11. Torment

klik to download Killing Me Inside A fresh Start For Something New

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Download For The Flames Beneath Your Bridge (FTFBYB) mp3

For The Flames Beneath Your Bridge adalah band Math-Core asal Jakarta, Indonesia yang biasa disebut FTFBYB / FxTxFxBxYxB.
Musik mereka terinspirasi dari Hardcore, Punk, dan Southern Rock.
disini, kamu bisa download lagu”nya FTFBYB dengan GRATIS !
ekstensi filenya adalah *.rar
isi lagunya :

1. Envy
2. Lust
3. Sloth
4. Vanity
5. Avaritia
6. Glutonny

Klik to Download For_The_Flames_Beneath_Your_Bridge


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